IP Monitoring

IP Back to Base monitoring.

No phone line, no call costs, hourly polling, NBN ready.

Get rid of your Phone Land line.

So long as you have a internet connection, then there is no reason why you should miss out on the peace of mind and security that only a Back to Base monitored alarm system can provide. Every time your alarm system sends a signal back to base you will no longer have to pay for a phone call. These days most people have a Mobile Phone, Tablet, iPad, iPhone or some sort of wireless device. So why have a Land Line. No longer will your phone conversation be disrupted by your alarm trying to dial over the top of you. You can get rid of all the fiddly filters and connections.

No call costs.

With IP-Monitoring all the signalling is via the Internet connection. So long as the connection is there then your Alarm Panel can communicate quickly, effortlessly and without you even noticing.

With a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for your Network Equipment (Router, Switch and IP-Dialer module), then even during a power outage signals can get through.

Polling, what is that.

Polling, no its nothing to do with dancing. Its about checking the integrity of your communicators pathway to the monitoring centre.

Usually with a traditional Phone Land Line connected Back to Base monitored Alarm the communications pathway is checked on a weekly basis and more frequently for high risk premises.

With IP- Monitoring the entry level is to check the communications pathway ever hour, this is a Class 2 P6 standard also available is a Class 3 P11 Standard with checks every 120 seconds (2 minutes).

If the communications check fails then you can be instantly notified via a Phone Call, email or SMS.

NBN ready.

As the NBN is rolled out through your neighbourhood, you may find that anything that uses the phone line to send signals may be disrupted and or none functional.
Things like Fax machines, Alarm Panels, Medical alerts.

Now with IP-Monitoring your Back to Base Alarm will be NBN ready as it is already using the Internet to send its signals.
NOTE: You may still have a normal Phone with the NBN service, but why bother.

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