Status of your Camera system

If you cannot connect to your camera system, there could be a number of reasons.

Status of the internet, your mobile phone, your Modem or Router, the camera system itself, your location, your mobile phone reception, etc, there are more.

In order to resolve the issue you need to try and determine the cause, it could be as simple as the camera system (NVR) is turned off or as complex as an  internet issue somewhere.

The later you may not be able to resolve, but at least these instructions here could help you to sort it out.

There are three areas to look at initially and in this order, if there is a problem at step 1, resolve it and move to the next otherwise stop, same with step 2 and 3.

  1. Is the camera system powered up and running.
    Check the lights on the front of the box (NVR), check your user manual for details. There is usually a Power light, Hard drive activity light and Network Connection status light, they should be on. The Hard Drive activity light will usually flash when saving or reading data.
    If there is a monitor connected to the NVR, can you see the camera images, are they live, is there recording or trigger activity, this will tell local status but not if it is connected to the internet.
    Read you user manual for details regarding the inpicture icons.

  2. Is the camera system connected to you local network.
    Depending on how your NVR is connected to the local network. This could be via a hard cable or wireless connection.
    If it is a Hard Cable connection (most are), is the cable plugged in at both ends, is there network activity at each ethernet port, is the connecting device (Network Switch, Router or Modem) turned on.
    If it is via a Wireless device, usually WiFi is the local WiFi network in your premises working, have the passwords been changed. Check the status of the WiFi device.
    Use another local device to check its connection status. IE Local computer, with the NVR Video Managment Software (VMS) installed.
    Can you Ping your NVR from your computer, you would need to know its IP address and how to use command windows.

  3. Is the camera system connected to the internet.
    You may have a WiFi network, but is the internet working in the premises on anything other than a smart 4G or 5G connected device, such as your Mobile Phone.
    Can you open a browser on your local computer (not your mobile phone).
    Log into your router check its status to the internet, check the device log.
    In the NVR open its Menu, check its internet connection status. This requires advance knowledge of the NVR configuration and you may prefer to contact your security technician.

  4. If all these things are ok, then there could be issues with your smart devices, app connection or other. Now would be the time to call in technical support.

Regarding latency and bandwidth issues when viewing or playing back on your smart device, Mobile Phone or Tablet. There are many reason why there could be latency delays, in order to overcome them.

1. Only view one camera at a time on your smart device, limit the number of people viewing the camera system.

2. Change the resolution to Basic, when viewing High Definition images a lot of data is required.

3. Check the signal strength of your smart device connection, poor signal or bad connection will affect how quickly the images are updated on your smart device.

4. Move to a better location, too improve signal reception on your smart device.

5. Check how many apps you have running on your smart device, shut down unnecessary apps.

6. Are there issues with ANY Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), though you may be with one service provider sometimes issues with another can impact your service provider.

7. Are there any environmental issues. IE Heavy rain, fog, snow, sand or are you surrounded by tall buildings, metal structures, or water tanks.

There are many things that can affect smart device or mobile phone signal reception. A search on the internet can provide more information regarding this issue. It is always good to research your local area to understand its environment and where you can get the best signal and service provider.

I hope this helps, contact Guardian Gecko if you have further questions or issues.