Hints & Tips

What you can do to reduce the likely hood of an unwanted intruder event occurring.

1. Use doors and locks.

This may seem odd, but its amazing how an open door policy is inviting to even those we don’t want darkening our threshold.

2. Check you perimeter.

Before exiting your premises, do a quick walk round. Don’t assume that the place has been locked up. You may want to delegate this to someone you can trust.

3. Don't advertise your valuables.

Remove names and labels from discarded boxes. Crush and dispose of packing boxes promptly. Don’t leave them on the footpath.

4. Privacy at a Price.

We all like our privacy, the crooks do too.

Consider trimming shrubs, bushes and trees that create screens for someone to hide behind. Use Side gates with open slats or grills rather than solid timber or sheet iron.

5. Use your Security Devices.

Turn the Alarm system on, lock the Screen door, and bolt your windows open or shut.

Close and latch the padlocks shut.

6. Remove your details.

Remove any identifying markings from your house or car keys. Particularly if you have just had your car serviced. You don’t want the crooks to beat you home.

7. Make sure your alarm system is working.

Get familar with the indicators lights on your control pad. A faulty system or alarm system that is not operating correctly can easily be spotted by a potential thief.

8. Wheelie bins & ladders.

Lock your ladders and wheelie bins away. Also milk crates, check your preimeter for things that will help someone to climb a fence, wall or get into a window.

These can be a great way of getting into a premises.

9. Internal pallet racking.

If these are stacked high, make sure there is no skylight nearby. The racking could become an internal stairway into your premises.

10. Bollards and dead bolts.

These can be a great way to deter break ins.

11. Sensor lights.

Make sure these are operational and remove any dark hiding spots.