Will your CCTV camera system stand up.

Will your camera system deliver when you most need it?
What strategy do you have in place to ensure that you are getting the best from your camera system?

Most of the time I find people put camera systems in, set it up and forget all about it. Then one day something happens and guess what, you cant find the recording. Why.

Well there are many reasons.
The event happened 10 days ago and you are only getting 7 days of recording from your system.
The power went out and the date and time reset back to the factory default.
The hard drive has failed, crashed or has too many errors.
The camera recording system has been turned off.
A camera has lost power, out of focus or been covered over.

Guardian Gecko can audit your camera system, check and test it to see that it is operating at its best.
This can be once only, adhoc, as required or on a regular basis.

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Ask about our offsite video storage.
With offsite cloud storage, then if the CCTV recorder gets stolen or damaged we can still retrieve the footage. The amount stored will depend on settings and subscription.

Guardian Gecko watching out for you.