Virtual Patrols

Would you like your premises to be regularly checked, but dont want to pay for patrols.

Well Guardian Gecko can do it for you via your camera system.
We will remote log in and check your video feed, see if there is anything unusual or out of place.

Our Virtual Patrols can be random within a fixed time frame, regular shedule or even as required, so long as your cctv system is functional and we have remote access.

Staff having a late night, if you have the appropriate coverage we can even do a virtual escort to the car park or what ever is required.

Call us now for details, ask the Gecko, Guardian Gecko.
Ph: 1300 95 97 99
Ph: 02 8005 1959 NSW
Ph: 08 7200 0722 SA
Mb: 0408 264 256

Ask about our off site video storage.
Incase your CCTV recorder gets stolen or damaged.

Guardian Gecko watching out for you.