Security Assessment

Whats involved

Just think if you locked yourself out of your premises then how would you get back in.

Do you have an emergency evacuation plane for your home or business premises?

Where would you all assemble, you don’t want to go diving back into a burning house looking for somebody that may actually already be safe and sound. I would suggest the letter box or the neighbours letter box if it would be safer, you want to quickly account for everybody.

What will you take with you in an emergency? Have you backed up all your computers, data files are those files stored off site?

You have bars on all the windows and doors, how will you get out in an emergency. It may keep the badies out, does it also lock you in.

Is you medicine cupboard or first aid kit up to date, has anything gone past its use by date.

Do you know how to turn the Electricity off, the Gas, Water and other utilities?
Does everbody know how to do the same and turn these things back on.

These are just some of the things that I may look at when I do my Security Assessement of your premises.