Unnecessary Alarm Activations

You may have entered your protected premises and accidentally set the alarm off! What to do and why.

What to do if you have an Alarm Activation when you enter the protected premises.

First of all don’t panic, there may be lots of noise, depending on your installation.
Plus the Phone may start ringing.

Everybody exit the premises, as they move around more sensors may be tripped.Therefore more alarms.

With everybody out of the premises the Sirens should reset and go silent after about 5 minutes so long as there is nothing setting them off again.

In which case the alarm will sound again.

Turn on your mobile and take or call the monitoring centre, give your Secret Password.

NOW take a deep breath, relax.

If you normally use a Remote Control or Keyfob, try it again.
Try warming (Body temperature) the Remote Control, with the cooler weather and if batteries are getting low they can be a problem.
Move closer to the Control Panel, not the siren. Try again.
Try another Remote Control / Keyfob.
If these things fail, you will need to use your PIN or User code.
(You do remember your PIN or User code don’t you!!)

Re-enter the premises via the designated entry path.
If you do not have entry delay on your panel it will go into alarm mode, keep going. Enter your Disarm sequence (use PIN or User code).This must be entered smoothly and without any delay, retry if you hesitated or delayed between key presses.

If this fails the Control Panel will need to be powered down.
The Control Panel will need to have the 240 volt AC power turned off.
The Control Panel will need to be opened and the Back up Battery disconnected.
NOTE: This is not a recommended course of action and should be done by a Technician. Damage can be done to persons, the Control Panel and associate equipment.

There are a number of reasons why unnecessary Alarm Activation’s may occur.

  • Batteries low or flat in your Remote Control / Keyfob.
  • Remote Control or Keyfob lost or damaged.
  • Forgotten PIN, User codes.
  • PIN, User code incorrectly entered.
  • PIN, User code incorrectly entered.
  • Premise entered incorrectly, not as per designated entry sequence.
  • Forgot to disarm prior to entering the premises.
  • Unauthorized person entering the premise.

Most of the time its because of a problem with Remote Controls / Keyfobs and because the PIN or USER code has not been used for sometime it is forgotten or it has been changed.

  1. Check your PIN, User codes even though you only use the Remote Control / Keyfob to arm and disarm.
  2. Practice Arming and Disarming your System with your PIN, User codes (all of them) and ensure all other users know how to do the same.
  3. Look after your Remote Controls / Keyfobs and only give PIN, User codes to those that need them.
  4. Practice Arming and Disarming your System with Remote Controls / Keyfob, check the batteries.
  5. Review your entry sequence if changes are required, this will need to be reprogrammed by a Installer.
  6. Review your patrol call out instructions, ensure that your contact list is up to date and has at least 3 off site contacts.
  7. If you accidentally set the alarm off yourself, call your monitoring centre as soon as possible.
  8. Check your system according to your User manual.

In Summary

Know your PIN, User Codes and how to use them.


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