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Automatic Temperature Recording & event notification.

Do you have fridges?
Do you serve food to customers?
Do you have to comply with the HACCP requirements?
Then help is at hand, ask me about Wireless automatic temperature recording and event notification.
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IP Back to Base monitoring.

No phone line, no call costs, hourly polling, NBN ready.
Save hundreds of dollars per year.

Get rid of your Phone Land line.

So long as you have a internet connection, then there is no reason why you should miss out on the peace of mind and security that only a Back to Base monitored alarm system can provide. Every time your alarm system sends a signal back to base you will no longer have to pay for a phone call. These days most people have a Mobile Phone, Tablet, iPad, iPhone or some sort of wireless device. So why have a Land Line. No longer will your phone conversation be disrupted by your alarm trying to dial over the top of you. You can get rid of all the fiddly filters and connections.

No call costs.

With IP-Monitoring all the signalling is via the Internet connection. So long as the connection is there then your Alarm Panel can communicate quickly, effortlessly and without you even noticing.

With a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for your Network Equipment (Router, Switch and IP-Dialer module), then even during a power outage signals can get through.

Polling, what is that.

Polling, no its nothing to do with dancing. Its about checking the integrity of your communicators pathway to the monitoring centre.

Usually with a traditional Phone Land Line connected Back to Base monitored Alarm the communications pathway is checked on a weekly basis and more frequently for high risk premises.

With IP- Monitoring the entry level is to check the communications pathway ever hour, this is a Class 2 P6 standard also available is a Class 3 P11 Standard with checks every 120 seconds (2 minutes).

If the communications check fails then you can be instantly notified via a Phone Call, email or SMS.

NBN ready.

As the NBN is rolled out through your neighbourhood, you may find that anything that uses the phone line to send signals may be disrupted and or none functional.

Things like Fax machines, Alarm Panels, Medical alerts.

Now with IP-Monitoring your Back to Base Alarm will be NBN ready as it is already using the Internet to send its signals.

NOTE: You may still have a normal Phone with the NBN service, but why bother.

If you would like to know more, call Guardian Gecko Security Services for more details on 1300 95 97 99 or you can call direct on 0408 264 256 ask to speak with Phillip.

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In Car Black Box Video.

In car black box video, record video and audio as you drive.

What is Honeywell Car Black Box Camera?

Honeywell Car Black Box is a discreet Vehicle Camera which can record video in different modes – Normal, emergency and manual recording. Easy plug and play device and with voice function it is a breeze to set up. More importantly fitting neatly on the windscreen at only 15cm high the Honeywell car black box camera makes it completely unobtrusive and loaded with amazing features gives you complete peace of mind.

Why do you need a Honeywell Car Black Box Camera?

Honeywell Car Black Box has endless possibilities. Record the events and incidents on road to give you the video footage of what exactly happened and where, capturing your holiday memories next time you drive your caravan or your favorite car, supervise young drivers in your family, track the usage of your car which is equally important for a personal vehicle as well as business, a must own for any car enthusiast and finally if you care for your car then Honeywell Car Black Box will make sure that you are always in control.

What do I get with the Honeywell Car Black Box Camera?

Honeywell Car Black Box includes the Camera Unit, 8GB Micro SD Memory card, Card Reader, 12VDC power lead with cigar jack for car, installation accessories and the user manual.

Service Agreements.

Watch this space, new Service Agreements are on there way.

Annual service calls, emergency calls outs, battery changes and Sensor testing all to ensure and give greater peace of mind.

Have you checked you Contact details and Control Room response instructions.

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High Definition Video.

Get the latest high definition cameras from Mobotix, 3 mega pixel images.

Motion detection, Event logic with Audio function.
Lots, Lots more check them out at

Remote log in or send the images to your mobile phone.

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Video Verification.

Getting lots of alarms and call outs, now you can see what is causing the alarm.

Remote log in or send the images to your mobile phone.

Quick installation and very little set up required.

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Payment plans, DDR and Credit Cards.

Exciting news, now we can offer Payment plans for all your new installations, upgrades and any significant projects. Terms and conditions apply.

Also we can now accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Direct Debit facilities, for your convenience.

Accepted Credit Cards are Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Dinners.

Fees may apply where applicable.

Call now for your application form.

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Monitoring Agreements.

Great news, now we can offer variable monitoring packages.
With our Grade 1A monitoring centre.

12, 24 or 36 month contracts, even no contract.

Call now for your free, no obligation assessment & quotation.

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Data Dots, DNA for your possessions.

Now you don’t need to prove that the goods belong to you if they are lost or stolen. DataDotDNA, microscopic dots with your unique identity code all over them.

Put them on your Stereo, CD’s, Computer, Camera’s, TV, DVD player.
Surfboard, jet ski, Dive Gear, maybe even your plants.

Packs for Home, Business, Car’s, Motor Bike’s and Boats as well.

Call me now to place your order.

Phillip Marriott
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